July 2020

How to promote value to a customer

You know that there is no value in saying, "Our product offers great value...", right? The alcohol industry has this concept down to a tee. You'll never hear an advert that says, "Johnnie Walker Private Collection Whisky, So valuable.. it will cost you an arm and a leg". Instead, they show you visuals of successful gentlemen who follow a lifestyle that suggests value. Your goal should be to suggest what makes your product or service valuable without actually using the word value. The moment you mention the word value, you automatically sound like you're lying. How many LinkedIn inboxes do you get that tell you how they have a valuable offer for you? And you never respond. Why? Because there is no value in saying the word value.

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why it's important to understand customer expectations

Understanding Customer Expectations

Do you remember the first time you ordered a Big Mac? That moment when you unboxed it and thought, "Wow... this is definitely smaller than what it looks like on pictures". It's a similar feeling to the one you get when you buy a packet of Lays potato chips. The packet is usually so swollen but the moment you open it you realize it's filled with 99% air. Customer expectations are really interesting and some companies have got it all figured out. McDonald's have tested exactly how small they can make the Big Mac. They've made it small enough to make a decent profit and big enough for you not to lay false advertising claims.

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June 2020
how generations inspired millenials in south africa

The “Generations” generation & Millenials

Do you think it's a coincidence that so many millennials are drawn to the beauty, media and advertising space? Many won't admit it but subliminally we were inspired by watching Generations, the soap. It was one of the only shows that had a multicultural cast that actually showed black and brown people of power. Low-key we all are trying to build our own New Horizons agency like the Moroka family. It's no coincidence how many Millenials have beauty pages on Instagram and YouTube. We used to watch Karabo order more Black-Like-Me products for her beauty parlour, Monik's, on a daily basis. It's interesting how anyone between the ages of 24 and 38 lives a life that mirrors what happened on Generations in the '90s and early 2000s. If you're not vegan like Zoleka, in the clubs like Sonny Jacobs, perhaps you're a creative like Glen Majozi. Our parents were more open-minded about our career choices because they saw successful Ad Execs on Generations.

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creating a digital campaign that sells

Why Your Digital Campaign Is Not Selling

Sometimes the reason your digital campaign might not be working could be as basic as the fact that your offer sucks! Testing is a key part of running any digital campaign and the first thing you need to test is whether people would click on your offer if it was for free. You’d assume that people love “free” things but that’s not always the case. Most people won’t click on a simple offer even if it was for free. They say a picture says a thousand words but not really. An image can grab attention but the copy will always be what drives the action. Make sure you’re saying the right things to drive a potential customer to click through on your offer. Make sure the offer is solid by testing if people would click it if it was for free. Once you have the offer on-lock then you can work around how to price it.

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Using Social Media to generate leads

Lukewarm Calling

Ever received one of those, "Good day, is this [Insert Name]? I'm Mary from EliteMobile... Is this a convenient time to talk?". No, Mary, it's not! Honestly speaking it's never a convenient time to give anybody a random sales call. Cold calling is outdated. Customers are now using apps like TrueCaller to avoid spam calls. The amount of money you waste on dead-end phone calls could be better spent generating leads online. That way you can find people who are actually interested in what you have to offer, have them opt-in and schedule the call for a "convenient" time. So instead of the cold-call, you now have a lukewarm potential. Somebody that you're 99% more likely to sell to than the person you're bothering with your unsolicited attempt. It's 2020! Get with the program!

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the difference between intent-based marketing and interruption marketing

Intent or Interruption Marketing

Before you go wild on your marketing strategy it's really important to understand which arena you're playing in. Whether you are taking the intent-based marketing or interruption marketing approach. The obvious question would be, what is the difference? An example of Intent-Based marketing would be when you search for a "restaurant near me" on Google. This is when a customer is actively searching for your product or service. Interruption marketing is that TV ad, billboard or random sales call that catches you off-guard. However, social media marketing has slightly blurred the lines. By correctly using targeting, you can interrupt customers who sort of have the intent to buy what you might be selling. Ever been looking at a potential holiday destination and when you get on Facebook you find ads offering getaway packages? How does this all work?

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the positive effect of a defect

The Effect of A Defect

In reality, customers treat new products and businesses like a bag of oranges. Yes, they expect every orange to be sweet but a few sour ones in the bag won't stop them from grabbing another. Though it's true that they expect a quality product, a few defects may not stop them from trying again. Most of our great ideas don't fail because they suck, many of them fail because they don't even see the light of day. Most people wait for the day they have everything figured out so things can go perfectly. So don't assume the effect of a defect will be negative. The way you treat your customers when they make you aware of the defect can also build loyalty.

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Speaking English in your home language

Why do we equate a person's proficiency in English to their level of intelligence? In a country where there are more than 11 official languages, it's weird how we've chosen English as the language to measure a person's intelligence. Reality is that many South Africans replicate the grammar of their home language and translate it into English. When you hear a tannie say "That are true" or a magogo start a sentence with "Me I was..." it's not because they're stupid, it's because they are trying to speak English but in their home language.

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how to build a community online

It takes a village to build a tribe

The biggest challenge most people face when building their online communities is that they make it a selfish process. Whereas in reality, communities are built from shared experiences and beliefs. Most people go through what I like to call the Juju effect. Ever paid attention to the E.F.F? They give out the impression that they understand what the regular South African believes and aspires towards while overlooking the fact that most South Africans hate dictatorship more than they hate the issues the party is always hammering.

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