May 2020
why you shouldn't use demographics in digital advertsising

Why do you still use demographics?

Ever watched a dating show where they ask the single person what kind of individual they are looking to date. Generally, ladies would say things like; "I'm looking for a tall guy with short hair, dark and maybe has a beard too". A very general description. Almost the equivalent of companies saying they target males, aged 25 - 30 who use smartphones. You see the flaw with demographics is that they are not as specific as we've been accustomed to believe. Do you know how many different combinations of interests, behaviours and personalities there are in any given age range and location spec? Just like how the single lady might end up with a tall dark and handsome guy with a shitty personality and bad temper, companies advertising online based on demographics may be targeting the wrong people. Psychographics! You may not have heard of them but they are what you should focus on.

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customer centric marketing

It’s not about you, It’s about the customer

It's 2020 and you still have an "About Us" page? Talking about "We offer this" or "We are the leading that". Frankly, unless you are French, you have no business saying "We" all the time. Oh, and it's actually spelt "Oui" but you know... just for effect! Anyways the modern customer is very vain. They don't care about you and how great your business is. They only care about the solutions you have that could potentially solve their problems. Throw that industrial age thinking out the window. Truth is, it's not about you! It's about the customer.

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3 things to check when coming up with a content strategy

The Perfect Content Strategy Checklist

Nevermind thinking outside the box, it's even more dangerous to think next to the box. Most people think to have some sort of online presence, even if it's mediocre, is enough. It may be true that you come from a traditional media background so being online is outside the box for you. However, if you are still applying the same principles of traditional media with your digital strategy then you are thinking outside the box but you're still standing next to it. Many brands assume that their content strategy has to match the product. For example, if you're a Gym you may feel inclined to post content showing workout tips. Guess what your competitor is doing, the exact same thing. People watch the weirdest things online. They would much rather see you post videos of yourself reacting to guys who've missed leg day.

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a list of reasons Why companies shouldn't use Hashtags on Instagram

Why companies shouldn’t use Hashtags on Instagram

Contrary to popular belief using hashtags on Instagram, as a business, can affect you negatively.  Think about it. Say for instance you are running a graphic design agency and use #GraphicDesigner, guess who else is using that hashtag? Other graphic designers. The role of hashtags is for the Instagram platforms algorithm to be able to link like-minded profiles. Your potential customers may not be using the same hashtags so you might end up having your posts being served to other businesses offering the same services instead. Almost like trying to sell potatoes to other potato farmers. Hashtags are for the consumer, as a business there are other tactics to use. Here are a few.

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A Brand is like the G-Spot

Just like the G-Spot, a brand takes time to understand. You need real experience to grasp what its purpose is and how to work your way around it. Think of your customers as your lovers. As much as you may spend all the time and effort to please them, only they can truly tell you whether your efforts are satisfying or not. A brand exists in the mind of the consumer, it's external to your business. You'd be surprised how many times customers fake their satisfaction. They care about your feelings. An example would be how you could go to a restaurant, not really enjoy the meal or service but not tell anybody at the actual restaurant. Well, until you get home and leave a crappy review on social media.

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April 2020
review the right competitors with your marketing strategy

A new type of competitor

If I asked you what the number one competitor to South African Airways (S.A.A) was, what would you say? Probably another airline like FlySafair or so. It's understandable because that's the obvious and traditional way of considering the competition. What if I told you that the number one competitor to most airlines isn't even in the aviation industry? Even hotels and conference venues face the same competitor. Right now due to the Covid 19 pandemic, more and more businesses are getting comfortable using platforms like Zoom to hold meetings and conferences. The number one customer for airlines is the business traveller. Your favourite airline can take you to a meeting in New York and London, but never on the same day. Remote conferencing technology allows you to have 5 different meetings with people from different countries all from the comfort of your home. I Highly doubt that SAA has zoom listed as a competitor on their SWOT analysis. Sometimes your biggest competitor may be in a different industry but may solve the same problem as your business in a quicker, cheaper and more convenient way.

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Do you really hate waiting?

Picture this. You get to an ATM, put your card and pin in, select the amount you want to withdraw and suddenly there's absolute silence for 10 seconds. That 10 seconds immediately has you overwhelmed with anxiety and curiosity of whether your card has been swallowed by the machine or not. Most people would panic and some may even angrily walk away. But in reality, that same 10 seconds is actually eased by the sound that the machine makes while "counting" the amount before ejecting it. You see, the only reason why an ATM makes that cash counting sound is so you feel at ease. It works as a cue for peace of mind. Knowing what you're waiting for makes that same 10-second wait more acceptable. The same psychological cues are used inside the branch. The lines haven't gotten any shorter and the tellers haven't gotten any quicker, however, the new ticketing system eases the wait. Seeing what number you are on the screen and the possibility of ticket 109 being served before ticket 85 is just more relaxing. So it's not that people hate waiting, they just hate not knowing what they're waiting for.

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March 2020
the effect of the country lockdown on those who dont have the means

If you’re scared, just know it’s a privilege

This has to be the most difficult piece I've written mainly because I usually write about my opinions but I never write about myself. When I watch the news and see the long lines of shoppers, it's really impossible for me to judge them. Or even the people in Alexandra walking around casually like there's no pandemic. I understand their logic because I have been in their shoes before. It's really easy to say "Why don't they just stay home" when your concept of home is a house with bedrooms, a lounge and running water. I've lived in a tool shed where there was just a single bed (that my mom, dad and myself all slept on), next to the bed was a box where we'd pack our clothes, a bucket that we'd use to put water for the day, a steel bowl to wash the dishes. We had 1 porcelain bowl for me to eat porridge in, 3 plates, 3 spoons and 2 teaspoons. Barely any space to move around. So when my mom would clean, my dad and I would have to go take a walk. When I see the kids playing on the news, I don't wonder why they are outside, I wonder if they've eaten. Many of them rely on the meals they get from school. You see, it's really difficult to have a fear of death when you already feel like you're dying inside.

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