The “Generations” generation & Millenials

Do you think it's a coincidence that so many millennials are drawn to the beauty, media and advertising space? Many won't admit it but subliminally we were inspired by watching Generations, the soap. It was one of the only shows that had a multicultural cast that actually showed black and brown people of power. Low-key we all are trying to build our own New Horizons agency like the Moroka family. It's no coincidence how many Millenials have beauty pages on Instagram and YouTube. We used to watch Karabo order more Black-Like-Me products for her beauty parlour, Monik's, on a daily basis. It's interesting how anyone between the ages of 24 and 38 lives a life that mirrors what happened on Generations in the '90s and early 2000s. If you're not vegan like Zoleka, in the clubs like Sonny Jacobs, perhaps you're a creative like Glen Majozi. Our parents were more open-minded about our career choices because they saw successful Ad Execs on Generations.

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Intent or Interruption Marketing

Before you go wild on your marketing strategy it's really important to understand which arena you're playing in. Whether you are taking the intent-based marketing or interruption marketing approach. The obvious question would be, what is the difference? An example of Intent-Based marketing would be when you search for a "restaurant near me" on Google. This is when a customer is actively searching for your product or service. Interruption marketing is that TV ad, billboard or random sales call that catches you off-guard. However, social media marketing has slightly blurred the lines. By correctly using targeting, you can interrupt customers who sort of have the intent to buy what you might be selling. Ever been looking at a potential holiday destination and when you get on Facebook you find ads offering getaway packages? How does this all work?

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Remarketing Oppression and Prejudice to Kids

Anybody who went to a multiracial school can attest to this. Between the ages of preschool and primary school, we all had friends from a variety of ethnicities. In fact, personally, I had a "white" girlfriend at that age. I put the white in inverted commas because she only became "white" when we started learning about history. I believe learning history in school is, whether deliberately of by default, a way of remarketing a system of prejudice. I'll further elaborate on this by explaining how my then-girlfriend became my "white" girlfriend and I turned into my best friends' "black" friend.

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