The 10 Key Elements Of Building a Brand.

Why be bland when you can be grand!

It might all sound like gibberish for now but hang in there.

The key terms that you should know when it comes to branding are: Identity, Image, Positioning, Personality, Equity, Experience, Differentiation, Communication, Gap and Extension.


What Is A Brand?

A logo may be part of branding but it is not your brand. Your brand is the perception, emotions and ideas that come to your customers mind when they think about your product or service. What comes to mind when you think Coca Cola? Refreshing, fun, memories shared with friends and family. Maybe even the day you went on your first date and spilled some on your date. All those thoughts and feelings are exactly what a brand is.
example of a brand

Brand Identity

These are the things that help people recognize your products/services. Things like logo’s, colours, slogans. The visual identifiers that make it easy for customers to spot your offerings. What is “Finger Licking Good”? That’s an example of KFC’s brand Identity.


Brand Image

Could you picture a Rolex advert at a construction site? Why? Mainly because their brand image is that of Luxury. We don’t associate the brand with dust or any place that involves sweaty workers. That’s exactly what a brand image is. The ideas and associations that exist purely in the mind.


Brand Positioning

You know what they say, if your customer is “Everybody” then you are selling to nobody. This is where positioning comes to play. You have to clearly define what segment of a market you are trying to target. Be as specific as you can. As specific as the difference between a Pep store and a Louis Vuitton outlet. Position your brand in a way that customers understand clearly who you are speaking to.


Brand Personality

Just like how people have personalities, brands should too. Think about the difference between a letter from your banker and a tweet from Nandos. Totally different personalities, right? Make sure the personality of your brand fits the type of market you are in. Imagine your credit card statement reading, “Ay Wassup, we gonna need our stash back at the end of the month. Cool Stuff”. Awkward right. Tone and vocab play a huge role in your brand’s personality.

the value of a brand - equity

Brand Equity. The value of your brand!

How do you calculate the value of something as intangible as a Brand? The value of your brand is called brand equity. This is all based on your customers perception and experience with your brand. The more you keep your promises to your customers, the more people will have trust in your brand and that trust can be valued financially.

Trust is the inventory of a brand.

Ever walked into a shop and bought a new product just because you recognize the logo. You trust the brand so you are open to trying it. Priceless right?

Katlego ThulareBrands save us time. The trust we have in the brands we love allows us to make easier buying decisions.
Katlego Thulare
Brand Consultant

What is Brand Experience?

All the things customers go through while interacting with your products and services affect their perception of your brand. This is called brand experience. The fact that you know that 9/10 times you will get your McDonalds burger quickly and tasting the exact same way and served by friendly staff all affects whether you will keep going back. The better the experience, the more positive the association with your brand.

When a customer walks into your business, do they feel safe? Do they get assistance on time? Did you stick to your promise?

Imagine shopping online and paying for same-day delivery and it ends up only arriving 2 weeks later? Definitely leaving a 1-star review and you are also unlikely to shop there again right? All because of brand experience.

brand experience

Differentiation. So what makes your Brand different?

Think beyond price. That's the easy stuff. Brand differentiation goes beyond that. You know, like how there are smartphones and then there's iPhone's. There are fancy cars, then there's Ferrari's. There's a clear difference between any BMW and a VW. Think about the factors that set you apart from the next brand.
Getting the Hang of it yet?

How will they know if you don't tell them?

Brand Communication

So you've gone through all the trouble of strategic planning and now comes the important part. Letting the customers know. The messages and promises you send, whether through traditional media like television adverts and pamphlets or digital platforms such as a website & social media, are what we call brand communication. The truth is since your brand is dependent on the customers perceptions you cant control it but you can definitely steer them towards the right direction by making sure you communicate your brands beliefs effectively and accurately. Birds of a feather flock together so chances are your clients will be the people who share those same beliefs. A great way to build your tribe.
brand gap

Closing the Brand Gap

You went around shouting to the whole world how great your products and services are, now it's time to deliver. Do the shoes fit? Or have you stepped into a pair that's too big for you? Here's an easy way to explain the Brand Gap

Are your customers satisfied with your product? Does it do what you promised?

The better you deliver on your promises, the smaller the brand gap. The crappier your services... You get the point right? The brand gap is the difference between what you promised and what the customers actually got. So your goal should be to make sure the gap is as tiny as possible.


This is the stage you definitely want to reach. You started your brand with one product but now you are at a point that you are looking to leverage that equity (you know the one we spoke about earlier) and start getting into other related or unrelated industries using the same brand name. Makes sense right? People already trust it. Just like how Virgin has an airline, insurance... hell.. even a cola. That's what we call Brand Extension.


Let us help you build your Brand

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