Intent or Interruption Marketing

the difference between intent-based marketing and interruption marketing

Before you go wild on your marketing strategy it’s really important to understand which arena you’re playing in. Whether you are taking the intent-based marketing or interruption marketing approach. The obvious question would be, what is the difference? An example of Intent-Based marketing would be when you search for a “restaurant near me” on Google. This is when a customer is actively searching for your product or service. Interruption marketing is that TV ad, billboard or random sales call that catches you off-guard. However, social media marketing has slightly blurred the lines. By correctly using targeting, you can interrupt customers who sort of have the intent to buy what you might be selling. Ever been looking at a potential holiday destination and when you get on Facebook you find ads offering getaway packages? How does this all work?

What is Intent-Based Marketing?

Intent-based marketing is the simplest. It’s the equivalent of a lady going window shopping and suddenly happens to see a sale that might lead to her actually buying. Most of us use Google to search for everything and anything under the sun. The first four Google search results are usually paid ads. They don’t annoy you because they are offering exactly what you are looking for.

That blog post you might read after searching whether or not you have an STD due to the random pimple you got down there is also popping up because of some medical advisors intent-based marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Intent-Based marketing strategy used to rank higher on google searches. It’s important because it helps you pop up in the top results when a potential customer is searching for a product or service you may be offering. You know what they say, the best place t hide anything is on the second page of Google.

What is Interruption Marketing?

This is actually the most common form of marketing. In the traditional sense, Interruption marketing would be those Billboards that you see while driving home, The TV ad that comes on while you’re watching your favourite soap or even that random telesales call from Elite Mobile claiming to represent Vodacom and offering you free airtime when you sign up for their cellphone contracts.

Interruption marketing also exists in the digital space. Ever been scrolling through Facebook and see a random ad offering you plumbing services? Or anything you might not actively be looking for. It’s called interruption marketing because that’s exactly what it is. An Interruption.

Interruption marketing on Social media does not always have to feel like an interruption. Like when you are browsing through the latest cellphones by Samsung and when you get on Facebook you find a Vodacom contract offer for the exact model you liked. Even though the Vodacom ad is technically interrupting what you may have gotten on social media to do, you kind of had the intent to buy a cellphone. You may have also just been digitally window shopping and that ad is exactly like that sale you find while browsing through stores at the mall.

It’s really key that you understand the difference between intent-based marketing and interruption marketing before you start strategizing for your campaign. The tactics and strategy used for both are really different. With intent-based marketing, you can go straight for the sale because the customer knows what they need and is already looking to buy. Interruption marketing, on the other hand, requires a less aggressive approach. You have to educate, create or arouse the need first. Then only you can shoot for that sale.

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