Lukewarm Calling

Using Social Media to generate leads

Ever received one of those, “Good day, is this [Insert Name]? I’m Mary from EliteMobile… Is this a convenient time to talk?”. No, Mary, it’s not! Honestly speaking it’s never a convenient time to give anybody a random sales call. Cold calling is outdated. Customers are now using apps like TrueCaller to avoid spam calls. The amount of money you waste on dead-end phone calls could be better spent generating leads online. That way you can find people who are actually interested in what you have to offer, have them opt-in and schedule the call for a “convenient” time. So instead of the cold-call, you now have a lukewarm potential. Somebody that you’re 99% more likely to sell to than the person you’re bothering with your unsolicited attempt. It’s 2020! Get with the program!

How to Generate Leads Online

I’m not sure what irritates me more. The random sales call or the complete avoidance of online tools that could make any sales departments job easier. I have nothing against the call-centre agent. They are just doing their job. They are given a script, a bunch of random cell numbers and it’s off to the races. They spend the whole day knowing that 9 out of 10 calls will be a no and hope to get that one lucky yes.

It all made sense. In the ’90s maybe. But, it’s 2020. We have access to a wide range of platforms we can use to generate leads. We can now make Lukewarm calls rather than cold calls. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn or even Google Ads to run lead-generation campaigns. The old definition of a lead would be acquiring a database of random cell numbers and spamming them all. Driven by the law of averages. The logic was, the more people you call, the more likely you are to make a sale.

However, why not apply the same law of averages to the digital space. Spend a fraction of the cost to run a targeted campaign to people who fit your actual target market. Capture leads and with their permission, you can now call them. They will be expecting the call which means they will be less hostile or dismissive. Making the call-centre agents job a bit simpler and increasing the chances of a sale. That way you know that the people you are calling actually want your product. It’s then up to you to drive them to make the purchase.

Telkom, Vodacom, Cell C or whichever provider you use will gladly accept your cash for those wasted minutes of call-centre agents being put on hold, or told to call a bit later just to delay the imminent decline of their offer. These days the call-centre agents are even a bit aggressive in the way they push for the sales which is why we end up using apps like TrueCaller to avoid them. Even after you’ve told mary that you are not interested in her free data plan, she may still call you a couple more times. It may be time to restrategize. Online lead generation is the future. The dawn of the lukewarm call. People avoid calls from a family member so imagine the extents they’ll go to avoid a sales call.


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