The Effect of A Defect

the positive effect of a defect

Customers treat new products and businesses like a bag of oranges. Yes, they expect every orange to be sweet but a few sour ones in the bag won’t stop them from grabbing another. Though it’s true that they expect a quality product, a few defects may not stop them from trying again. Most of our great ideas don’t fail because they suck, many of them fail because they don’t even see the light of day. Most people wait for the day they have everything figured out so things can go perfectly. Don’t assume the effect of a defect will be negative. The way you treat your customers when they make you aware of the defect can also build loyalty.

Indeed, a large percentage of new products fail within the first few years but don’t let that be the reason why you don’t even bother to launch. A large percentage of people get hit by cars but that doesn’t stop you from ever crossing a road, right? Truth is you’re never going to have the perfect budget or the perfect product from the get-go. Business is a constant work in progress and not starting is an automatic acceptance of failure.

Even some of the biggest products and brands that exist today started with a few awkward products. I remember having an iPod shuffle and struggling to get to the exact song I wanted to listen to because there was no screen. I literally had to memorize the order I had my playlist in. What a shitty product but di that stop me from ever buying an iPhone? Absolutely not.

A sour orange never stops anyone from trying out another orange from the same bag. So a few defects may not necessarily stop a customer from shopping from you again. Of course, there are a few exceptions. In the food industry, you can’t afford to send any customers to the hospital due to food poisoning. But in most fields, a few glitches here and there may not be so bad. Some fo the best customer-seller relationships are built off how you deal with conflicts. It’s an opportunity for the customer to learn how you are as an entrepreneur and business and in return, you also get to build on your product. Sounds like a win-win to me. So just freakin start!

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