Why Your Digital Campaign Is Not Selling

creating a digital campaign that sells

Sometimes the reason your digital campaign might not be working could be as basic as the fact that your offer sucks! Testing is a key part of running any digital campaign and the first thing you need to test is whether people would click on your offer if it was for free. You’d assume that people love “free” things but that’s not always the case. Most people won’t click on a simple offer even if it was for free. They say a picture says a thousand words but not really.

An image can grab attention but the copy will always be what drives the action. Make sure you’re saying the right things to drive a potential customer to click through on your offer. Make sure the offer is solid by testing if people would click it if it was for free. Once you have the offer on-lock then you can work around how to price it.

Digital Campaigns are like a flea market

Ever been to a flea market? Almost everything at a flea market is priced well. Even though you are aware that most of the things on sale at a flea market are either replicas or cheaper versions of products you could find at a mall or accredited vendor, not all the products would drive you to buy. There are some things you just wouldn’t buy even if they were for free. It might just not be an offer you are interested in.

Navigating your way through a bunch of sellers who all have a cheap version of something you probably wouldn’t mind getting for your home isn’t all that easy. As a customer, you still evaluate the cheaper products the same way you would their higher-priced alternatives at an accredited store. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make the decision any easier. Especially when you’re surrounded by other cheaper offers.

The same applies to digital campaigns. Even though many offers online promise to be a cheaper or more convenient alternative, the fact that you are bombarded with a ton of similar offers gives the customer the same effect as being at a flea market. So don’t assume you have a great offer because it might be affordable or convenient.

Measure the correct metrics on your  Digital Campaign

Many people fall into the trap of measuring the things that don’t count. Unless you are running a brand awareness campaign, you have no business caring about the number of impressions and clicks on your digital campaign. If your goal is to make sales then conversion rate and cost per conversion are the only two metrics to measure.

The first thing you should be testing is whether you offer is driving conversions and the easiest way to do that is to offer a product or service for free. If nobody is taking on your free offer, it’s clear that the offer sucks. Try another offer.

Once you have tested whether the digital campaign for the free offer is driving conversions then you can take the next step of testing different pricing options. You may ask, but would offering my service for free not be costly? However, what you do you think is more costly? Spending a small portion of your total budget to test whether the offer is worth it? Or spending your entire budget on an offer that you believe is great but customers have no interest in?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Google will gladly accept your money and massage your ego with reports of thousands of impressions, likes and link clicks. But, none of that means a damn thing if your goal is to make sales. Digital campaign sales are measured through conversions and nothing else.

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